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Math Story #2 – Pythagoras, the Original Demo

Pythagoras … this name recalls college memories: a Greek scientist and his theorem … lost in the mysteries of school programs, emptied of their true interest. Today, Thomas Renault does justice to one of the greatest Greek philosophers, whose philosophy has been overlooked! All in 6 min!


social-emotional webinar

Personalized Support at OFALycée – The Well-Being of Our Students: A Priority

Christine Heitzmann, personal development coach invites you for 3 meetings to present our program in social-emotional learning support. Our program is offered and included in tuition fees to all our students, from 6th to 12th grade, with tools and resources adapted to each age and face-to-face sessions with a coach for a comprehensive personalized support.



Podcast with Fabrice Jaumont

On the occasion of our first podcast, we spoke with Fabrice Jaumont, one of the five eminent members of the Advisory Board @ OFALycée. Author, researcher, philanthropist, lecturer, Education Attaché at the French Embassy, ​​Fabrice Jaumont is one of the apostles of the “Bilingual Revolution” in the United States and around the world. It is thanks to him that we can still dream of a world where bilingualism would bring peace and civilization.

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