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The French and American curricula combined in a bilingual and bicultural program, leading to the Baccalaureate and the High School Diploma.

Distribution of Program Material Between US High School and OFALycée

  • OFAlycée %
  • U.S. High School %
Subjects (*Economics is a specialization)

Virtual Class: Its Advantages


The flexibility of the schedule. Students organize their work according to their American high school course and extra-curricular activities.


Development of a greater capacity of concentration through innovative pedagogy: courses of adapted length with stimulating interactive content.


Courses are accessible everywhere. All courses incorporate interactive assignments that facilitate comprehension, memorization, acquisition of skills and methods.


Each student develops self-discipline with regard to the organization of work and time.


Easy interaction with teachers thanks to regular weekly sessions in small groups.


An individual framework of excellence.

Description of the new Baccalaureate for Individual Candidates - % weighting by subject

External candidates take the Baccalaureate over two periods of exams:

  • End of 11th grade (2 written exams and 1 oral exam)
  • End of 12th grade (7 written exams and 1 oral exam) + PE examination**: the student selects one of the 2 combinations offered below::
      1. Gymnastics- Table Tennis
      2. 3 x 500 meters – Badminton
      3. 3 x 500 meters – Table Tennis
      4. Gymnastics – Badminton
11th grade – Exams in June
12th grade – Exams in May-June
  • 11th Grade French Literature - 4 hour written exam, 20 minute oral exam: 10%
  • 11th Grade 1 specialization (Results integrated in the general examinations at the end of 12th grade*): 6.6%
  • 12th Grade Philosophy - 4 hour written exam: 8%
  • 12th Grade Grand Oral - 20 minutes: 10%
  • 12th Grade 2nd Specialization (example Math, 4 hours): 16%
  • 12th Grade 3rd Specialization (example, Langues, Littératures et cultures étrangères et régionales)- 4 hour 20 minute (written and oral exams): 16%
  • 12th Grade General examinations*: LVA (2 hour written and 10 minute oral) + LVB (2 hour written and 10 minute oral) + HG (2 hour written) + PE**. Scientific instruction (2 hours). All subjects carry the same weight: 33.3%

Courses Offered

From 6th to 10th grade, students take only French and Mathematics classes. These 2 subjects are the pillars of academic success.

In 9th grade, we offer the preparation for the Diplôme National du Brevet:

Preparation for the “Diplôme National du Brevet

OFALycée’s teaching methods capitalize on extensive knowledge of the programs of the Ministry of National Education in a program that is designed to accommodate the time constraints of our students. Efficiency is a key driver in the way our programs are delivered.

The French approach to Mathematics enriches the student’s learning by providing different methods and content. Thus critical thinking, analysis and creativity are reinforced.

In 11th and 12th grades, the curriculum is extended to other subjects for the preparation of the French Baccalaureate. The specializations we offer are as follows:




English Literature





Social Sciences




In addition to the flexible online course schedules, students must meet with teachers each week. These office hours are crucial for the success of the student. The meetings allow them to review the past week and to prepare the following one. Several time slots are available and students can choose the ones that best fit their schedule.