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The OFALycée concept is based on an alliance of two education systems: the French and American programs integrated into one bilingual and bicultural course from 4th Grade to 12th Grade.


OFALycée offers courses in French and Mathematics from 4th Grade to 10th Grade in cohorts of a maximum of 6 students. These two subjects are the pillars of the academic success of each student in the French system.

In 9th Grade we offer science and history-geography courses for all those who wish to prepare for the Brevet des Colleges.

In 11th and 12th Grade, our students follow the complete course in preparation for the Baccalaureate.

  • This preparation is facilitated by our concept of complementarity: in mathematics, science and languages ​​the knowledge acquired in the American system is transferred and used to fulfill the requirements of the French programs. (See diagrams below)
  • Click here for more information on the new Baccalaureate.

A complete education course, from cycle 3 to the Baccalaureate.

The French School System

From 4th Grade to 12th Grade, students follow two kinds of courses at OFALycée

  • From 4th Grade to 8th Grade:
    • Synchronous courses
      • The students meet their French and mathematics teachers twice a week.
      • 2×45 min in French and 2x30min in math
  • From 9th Grade to 12th Grade:
    • Asynchronous courses with office hours
      • The students follow the lessons independently on our digital platform CANVAS. Classes are open every week for optimal follow-up.
      • They meet their teachers twice a week in office hours for regular and personalized follow-up. These office hours are 45min or 30min each depending on the importance of the subjects.

Our concept of complementarity brings a new dimension to traditional teaching, capitalizing on the knowledge and skills acquired in another language to facilitate learning in the French program. This represents a reinvention of Franco-American schooling on the didactic, pedagogical, bilingual and bicultural level.

The subjects of the OFALycée program and the class hours per week

Students can choose between the full program (French and Mathematics) or courses taken à la carte. The course hours per subject per week are explained in the following tables:

Lesson Time by Subject per Week Cycle 3
Lesson Time and Office Hours per Subject per week Cycle 4
Lesson Time and Office Hours per Subject per Week Cycle 5

Distribution of Program Material Between US High School and OFALycée

The OFALycée program optimizes student learning in the American system by supplementing with additional French program material, providing students with two comprehensive tuition programs.

The French and American curricula combined in a bilingual and bicultural program, leading to the Baccalaureate and the High School Diploma.

  • OFALycée %
  • U.S. High School %
Subjects (*Economics is a specialization)

National "Brevet" Certificate (Independent Candidates):
OFALycée / American High School

  • OFALycée %
  • U.S. High School %

Virtual Class: Its Advantages


The flexibility of the schedule. Students organize their work according to their American high school course and extra-curricular activities.


Development of a greater capacity of concentration through innovative pedagogy: courses of adapted length with stimulating interactive content.


Courses are accessible everywhere. All courses incorporate interactive assignments that facilitate comprehension, memorization, acquisition of skills and methods.


Each student develops self-discipline with regard to the organization of work and time.


Easy interaction with teachers thanks to regular weekly sessions in small groups.


An individual framework of excellence.