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  • APRIL 5, 2021 – JUNE 11, 2021

The 2021 session is full and registration is closed. Please click below to register for 2022.

FRENCH: Preparation for entry to 4th, 5th or 6th Grade

Objective: to be prepared to join one of the classes of Cycle 3 (4th, 5th or 6th Grade) at OFALycée with confidence and enjoyment.

Duration: 2 x 30 min, for 8 weeks

Calendar: April 5th to June 11th

Description: a 4D approach

  1. Writing – Producing 1,500-2,000 words in 10 essays of 150-200 words, in order to strengthen writing skills. Classes are designed as creative writing workshops, inviting students to create stories. New technologies are called upon to help those who need it most (speech to text, etc.)
  2. Language: The 10 most common grammar concepts or conjugations, based on the repetition of language mechanisms, dispelling the apparent complexity of grammar.
  3. The discovery of literature. The idea is to introduce our students to frequenting a literary text, from a “reactive” point of view in relation to the proposed extracts (Blazac, Voltaire, Molière, etc.). Students are therefore invited to give their “impressions”, rather than seeking the truth of the text.
  4. Reading club: the idea is to learn to love to read in French. Reading club allows students – while practicing synthesis and improvisation – to exchange ideas on books in French that they like.


  1. An essay of 150-200 words per week: 30-45 min of work
  2. A grammar quiz: 5-15 min of work
  3. Reaction to a literary text: 15 min of work
  4. 5 min reading in French per day minimum

Approach and Philosophy of the Academic Director: For Olivier Saint-Vincent, kindness combined with high standards are the key to student success. It is about bringing the student and the French language together, discovering elements of language, culture and literature in the process. Always available, Olivier’s goal is the personal and academic success of his students.

The 2021 session is full and registration is closed. Please click below to register for 2022.