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About: Estelle Truche
Elementary Teacher

Estelle Truche, enseignante depuis 20 ans.

Votre style d’enseignement ? Un bon équilibre entre exigence et bienveillance avec une pointe d’humour.

Comment vos élèves vous décriraient-ils ? Passionnée, patiente et encourageante.

Pourquoi avez-vous choisi le metier de professeur ? Vraiment par vocation et par amour de la langue française.

Why did you join the OFALycée team? I was immediately won over by OFALycée’s innovative educational mission, which is based on the complementarity of the two education systems, while having the ambition of excellence and the well-being of students.
The students are incredibly lucky to be able to benefit from this bilingual and bicultural project, in small classes, based on the latest digital tools and provided by passionate professionals!

What inspires you the most about the concept of OFALycée? Its unique concept of complementary bilingual education from primary school to the Baccalaureate and its genuine commitment to educational innovation in the digital age.