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About: Hong Tam Nguyen-Andre
SEL Coach

Hong Tam Andre

Hong Tam Nguyen-Andre

Why did you choose the profession of SEL coach? What fascinates me is accompanying young people, these “beings in the making”, offering inspiration and guidance, so that they realize their full potential, helping them to develop the tools and socio-emotional skills that will allow them to grow healthily and express themselves fully.

Why OFALycée? The OFALycée concept immediately resonated with me, because it meets a real need for French people living overseas. In addition, the place granted by OFALycée to SEL touched me because it is still far from being standard in education. More than ever, it is essential to focus as much on the heart and emotions as on the brain, to consider the student as a whole with multiple levels of intelligence; I am happy for the students of OFALycée that this principle is at the heart of its mission.

What do you do as a SEL coach? We listen to students and their possible concerns or difficulties, associated with school of course, but not exclusively. They are the ones who choose what they want to talk to us about, in a confidential and personalized way. Depending on their subject, we can help them find strategies, to understand how they can better manage a situation, for example when they feel stressed, overworked, frustrated, worried, angry, etc… We do not judge them, and there is no homework or grades at the end of our sessions. The aim is to help them get to know themselves better and optimize their potential.