About: Ryadh Tabet-Derraz
SEL Coach

Ryadh Tabet-Derraz, 19 years as a specialist teacher.

Background: Before OFALycée, Ryadh worked in France within a specialized structure of French National Education to support teens encountering difficulties of all kinds. He also lived for three years in the United States, working at the Lycée Français in New York where he supported individual students from 6th to 12th grade; his role was to allow his students to regain motivation and self-confidence, to manage their time and their self organization as well as possible, but also to support them in their academic studies.

Mission within OFALycée: to support students invested in dual education and to ensure their well-being.

Why did you join the OFALycée team? For the modernity of the educational project of OFALycée, a bilingual high school so innovative that it integrates life skills into its curriculum.