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About: Thomas Renault

Thomas Renault
  • Role : Co-founder
    Academic Director
    Math, Science & Technology Department
  • Experience : Thomas Renault, co-founder and academic director of the department of sciences, has more than 20 years of experience in mathematics education. Originally from, and having studied in France, Thomas is first and foremost a specialist in the French math curriculum. After 18 years as a teacher in an international school in the Boston area, Thomas has acquired expertise in the American mathematics curriculum as well, which has led to his role as the coordinator of the math department. With extensive experience in both the French and American math curriculums, Thomas has created, with OFALycée, a unique course integrating the best that the two curricula have to offer.

    From very early on in his career, Thomas has had a special interest in the use of technology in the teaching of Mathematics: Dynamic mathematics software, spreadsheet, programming. He has been leading multiple workshops on this topic on the East Coast and has developed a unique 3D exploration and design curriculum.

    Finally, as a teacher, mentor, and tutor, Thomas has coached and helped many students gain admittance into prestigious schools and universities including M.I.T, Cambridge University, Ecole Polytechnique, Lycée Louis Legrand.