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the first online French-American school

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The 2024 OFALycée Summer Success Program ☀️

French online lycée: proudly serving French and French speakers overseas!

Founded in 2019 and open since 2020, OFALycée is the first online French-American school which offers students enrolled in an American school the possibility of French education, from Kindergarten up to the Baccalaureate.

Our concept
With our unique concept of complementarity, OFALycée merges two school systems in a complete bilingual and bicultural course. What is learned in English in the American system is used to meet the requirements of French programs.

During the day, the student attends his/her local American institution. Then, back home, he follows the complementary online courses of OFALycée.

This dual education, which leads to the obtaining of two diplomas, the High School Diploma and the Baccalaureate, gives students a greater choice of higher education in Europe, North America and around the world.


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    300 students

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    26 U.S. states

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    15 nationalities


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    6 time zones

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    Open since 2020

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    35 members of our teaching team

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