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Welcome to OFALycée!

Welcome to OFALycée!

The First Online French-American School

The First Online French-American School

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School starts in September 2020!

School starts in September 2020!

Registration for September 2021
now open!

OFALycée™ is the first institution to offer online, supplemental French Baccalaureate education to students in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

With careers ranging from 15 to 20+ years of experience in the French, American, and International educational systems, OFALycée teachers offer the best online curriculum thanks to a unique digital educational approach as well as weekly personalized follow-up in all subjects.

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Supplement your student’s education and maintain their proficiency in French at the highest level.

Keep all options open with a French Baccalaureat degree.

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Small class sizes means your student gets plenty of attention and an excellent education.



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Our School

OFALycée combines schooling in an American high school with French education from 6th to 12th Grade. The objectives are to combine and optimize American and French programs in a bilingual and bicultural education program of excellence. All courses and lessons can be accessed online at the student’s convenience.

The program includes interactive exercises plus weekly individualized monitoring in each subject through small group live tutorials with experienced teachers providing clarification and explanation of previous material and preparation for lessons in the upcoming week. OFALycée maintains a maximum class size of six students.

Why choose our school?

Our school is the best choice for students seeking a bilingual education. Your child is educated in the American system and takes online courses in parallel to prepare for the French Baccalaureate.

The preparation for the Baccalaureate gives each student added value for a successful transition to higher education. The Baccalaureate is recognized as one of the most demanding programs around the world.

All universities in North America and elsewhere in the world recognize the immense value of the French program and its holistic approach to educating students.

Our Vision

At OFALycée, our vision is to bring French international education into the twenty-first century, considering the extent of recent and unprecedented transformations happening in our society in general and the educational world in particular.

The lack of high schools offering the French program in the United States effectively excludes many interested families from the French education system. In addition, the growing use of virtual education and the desire to offer a complete bilingual program at an affordable price are the determining factors that led us to the creation of OFALycée, the first French-American online institution.

Our Mission

To facilitate bilingualism and French-American biculturalism at the highest level through obtaining the High School Diploma and in parallel the French Baccalaureate.


American high school education
Online complementary education plus the specific courses of the French program

High School Diploma and French Baccalaureate

Our Values

Our Values

REFLECTION: We believe in the power of reflection as it enhances intellect and builds curiosity and mindfulness about ourselves and the world around us.

COLLABORATION: We work together. Students-teachers-parents-coaches ensure the success of the student’s project. Together we accomplish more than what is possible individually. We cooperate and grow through the value of togetherness.

ENDEAVOR: We practice personal growth, commitment, and persistence, all critical building blocks for developing global citizens who are confident and comfortable in their world.

EXCELLENCE: We believe academic excellence can be a trained skill. We navigate obstacles with critical and creative thinking. We maintain high expectations for ourselves and others while seeking ways to continuously improve our work.

ENTHUSIASM: We foster the power of learning with joy, enthusiasm, and personal engagement. We encourage thinking outside the box in order to instill courage and the vision to imagine.

UNITY: We are stronger when we work together as a team, with our differences as assets. We are all uniquely common and all commonly unique. We value all voices and honor the dignity of all. We believe that the transformation of individuals leads to the transformation of communities. To foster a strong and collaborative community, we operate with integrity, respect, trust and generosity.

Leadership Team

Geraldine Guillermin

Géraldine Guillermin

Head of School
History/Geography Teacher
College Counselor
Valerie Burnick

Valerie Burnick

Economics and Social Sciences Teacher
Olivier Saint Vincent

Olivier Saint-Vincent

Academic Director

Advisory Board

The OFALycée Advisory Board is designed to advise the leadership team on issues of strategic importance, as well as provide support and guidance for the achievement of the team’s mission statement.

Jocelyn Vigreux
Jocelyn Vigreux
Tracey Wood
Tracey Wood
Françoise Matte
Françoise Matte
Fabrice Jaumont
Fabrice Jaumont
Gerard Pignault
Gerard Pignault

Registration for September 2021 is now open!

Applications for the current school year are considered year-round, dependent upon space available.

Questions? Schedule a 45-minute inquiry meeting.

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