Luna Damiani is the guest of FRENCH BAC

In this second edition of FRENCH BAC, the OFALycée podcast, Luna Damiani is the guest of Olivier Saint-Vincent, Christine Heitzmann and Thomas Renault.

For those in the audience who do not yet know her, Luna Damiani is a veritable meteor in the Franco-American education world. Arrived in Boston from Lyon in the first year of High School, Luna has an exemplary career, EAF with 18.5 average, Bac with honors, followed by the admission of the prestigious Science-po / Columbia program.

But beyond this great academic success, what makes Luna an exceptional human being is her deep human dimension, as you will discover. She shares with us today the secrets of her success, in the noblest sense of the term.

FRENCHBAC is a podcast devoted to Franco-American cultural news, and also aims to meet the actors of Franco-American education.

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