Math Story #5 – Heron’s Method

At the time when Rome ignites in the throes of the Empire of Nero (64 AD), in Alexandria, on the coasts of Egypt Latinized by the Roman conquests, a scholar named Heron stands out as one of the greatest mathematicians and scientists of his time. His idea: to create the automatic opening of the doors of the temples by the rarefaction of the air … by means of his mathematical knowledge! Today, the Academic Director of Mathematics at OFALycée, Thomas Renault, explains how this genius was able to develop a method allowing the square root of any number to be calculated recursively. Open your tablets!

Who has never dreamed of discovering the hidden face of mathematics!? Because behind the perfect architecture that constitutes “mathematical knowledge”, behind the eminent abstract language that allows men to translate reality into a “map” and to explain the world, are hidden true stories, authentic and human anecdotes, funny and surprising. It is this story that “Maths Story” tells, through short and effective videos… and the teaching talent of Thomas Renault!

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