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OFALYCEE: A Pioneer in Online French American Education

September 2023, Géraldine Guillermin

OFALYCÉE™ , as the first French American school 100% online, represents an innovative approach to education that aligns well with the SAMR (1) model. By embracing technology and the online environment, OFALycée (enrolling close to 300 students from 1st to 12th grade) demonstrates its potential to leverage the SAMR model to enhance and transform the learning experience for its students.

Substitution: OFALycée uses technology to replace traditional tools or methods in a straightforward manner. For instance, it replaces physical textbooks with digital ones or use video conferencing for virtual classrooms, allowing students to connect with teachers and peers online.

Augmentation: Augmentation involves enhancing the learning experience by incorporating technology. This includes interactive online quizzes, multimedia-rich course materials, or virtual labs that provide students with a more dynamic and engaging educational experience compared to traditional resources.

Modification: OFALycée redesigns learning activities and assessments to take full advantage of online capabilities. For example, collaborative projects involving students from different locations (OFALycée’s students are located in 30 different states).

Redefinition: At this level, OFALycée uses technology to create entirely new educational opportunities. This is the concept of complementarity between the French and American system where students use what they learn in English to fulfill the requirements of the French programs. Students are enrolled in 2 schools (one that is in-person and one virtual) and can obtain the high school diploma and the French Baccalaureate at the same time (2): the highest level of bilingualism and biculturalism is attained (3).

By continually evaluating its use of technology through the lens of the SAMR model, OFALycée can ensure that it maximizes the benefits of online learning for its students. This includes not only improving the efficiency of traditional educational methods but also exploring innovative approaches that redefine the possibilities of French American education in the online space. OFALycée’s unique position as a fully online institution provides an ideal platform for leveraging the SAMR model to transform and enhance the educational experience for its students.

(1) More on SAMR model: SAMR: A Powerful Model for Understanding Good Tech Integration | Edutopia

(2) French Baccalaureate results at OFALycée in 2022 and 2023: 100% success and 100% honors. OFALycée was founded in 2019 with first graduating class in 2022.

(3) All other models of bilingual education take place in one school. OFALycée allows a dual enrollment never done before.

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