Diplome National Du Brevet

OFALycée Announces Preparation Services for the Diplôme National du Brevet

OFALycée is proud to announce its new service for 9th graders starting in September 2020.

All students who wish to get the best preparation for the “Diplôme National du Brevet” will be able to do so by adding this service. In addition to French and Math (included in the 9th grade tuition), additional subjects will be offered at an additional cost to succeed at the “Brevet.”

  • English, fully covered at the American high school:  Only Mock exams will be necessary to be ready for the test
  • Sciences and Technology:  Biology, Physics, Chemistry will be studied as well as the Technology curriculum. All topics will not be unknown to students as they usually study Biology in 9th grade in the American system.
  • History/Geography/Moral and Civic Education: This course will be fully taught by OFALycée. All courses are taught online with office hours every other week. Mock exams will take place as well in order to offer the optimal preparation for this exam.

The French and American systems are complementary, which helps the student prepare for this national exam. The passing grade for the Brevet is 200 points out of a total of 400.

Preparation for Brevet
Preparation for the “Diplôme National du Brevet

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