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OFALycee-Europe launces in Portugal

OFALycée-Europe to launch in Portugal in September 2021

It is with great pleasure that we share the announcement of the creation of OFALycée-Europe which will open its virtual doors in Portugal in September 2021.

Our success is based on our innovative concept, the quality of our teachers, their kindness, and the support of our parents who see OFALycée™ as an excellent alternative in French, bilingual and bicultural education.

Wherever you are in the world, an experienced team offers you the option of never cutting ties with French education and French culture, thanks to our concept of complementarity.

Our students have the opportunity to acquire unique knowledge and skills in 2 education systems from primary school right up to Baccalaureate.

Registration for the 2021 school year at OFALycée-Europe in Portugal are now open. Visit www.ofalycee-europe.org to request information.

~ Géraldine Guillermin, Head of School

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