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We are pleased to announce the 2024 OFALycée Summer Success Program!

DESCRIPTION: This course, made up of 6 modules, provides preparation for the start of the school year in September 2024. The course is available students entering Kindergarten (la Grande Section) to 9th Grade (3ème).

DURATION: 6 self-paced modules over 13 weeks

EFFORT: 18 hours

RHYTHM: 3 hours per module

REGISTRATION: open until August 1st

CLASS ACCESS: Monday June 3rd to Friday August 30th

PLATFORM USED: CANVAS, accessible on tablet, iPad, Chromebook, laptop, desktop

TEACHERS: Teachers certified by the French National Education system

What You Will Learn and Review:

  • Revision of the key elements of grammar, conjugation and spelling of the program of the past year.
  • The main elements of the program via reading and comprehension exercises.
  • Writing techniques to improve writing.
  • Texts of classic and contemporary French literature, dictations, videos, quizzes, essay topics.
  • 45-minute introduction and orientation session.
  • 45-minute mid-course review session.
  • Closing session (beginning of September) and graduation at the end of the 13 weeks.
  • 60 min of office hours per week with a teacher.
  • A teacher available 24/7 to answer student questions via text message.


This course consists of 6 modules, each containing several videos, self-correcting exercises and accompanying documents. An office hour/drop-in session will also allow dialogue with the teachers and the opportunity to ask questions.

Assessment and certification
The assessment of your child will include all the parameters related to the National Education program. All homework is corrected by an OFALycée teacher.

Your child will receive a certificate of achievement once they have completed each of the six modules.


($250 for registered OFALycée students)

Grade levels Kindergarten (la Grande Section) to 9th Grade (3ème)