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OFALYCEE: The Future of Franco-American Education from 6th to 12th grade

The 5 founders of the first Online French-American Lycée invite you to the presentation of their French secondary institution which offers a unique complementarity with the American system. The objectives are to combine and optimize American and French programs in order to perfect a bilingual and bi-cultural education of excellence:  what is acquired in the American system is used to meet the requirements of the French system.

We are the actors of a revolution in education in the 21st century. In the world we live in, one education system only takes on its full strength and value if it is strengthened by another. This is our innovation! Students live and complete the educational experience in two systems, at the same time, in symbiosis, in syncretism. This is the education of the future.



Q&A 6eme - 4eme

Q&A 3eme - Terminale

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