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Podcast with Fabrice Jaumont

On the occasion of our first podcast, we spoke with Fabrice Jaumont, one of the five eminent members of the Advisory Board at OFALycée. Author, researcher, philanthropist, lecturer, Education Attaché at the French Embassy, ​​Fabrice Jaumont is one of the apostles of the “Bilingual Revolution” in the United States and around the world. It is thanks to him that we can still dream of a world where bilingualism would bring peace and civilization.

To paraphrase Malraux: The 21st century will be bilingual or will not be!

In the podcast, we talk about his book “The Bilingual Revolution”, but also about these dual language programs in the United States. And also what “being bilingual” really means.

With the participation of Géraldine Guillermin, Head of establishment at OFALycée and Thomas Renault, Academic director of mathematics and science.

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