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Orientation – Canada or United Kingdom


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Orientation Canada or United Kingdom

This offer is ideally between March from First to December of 12th grade but can be carried out in the first quarter of the senior year as well. You want to know the procedures for accessing higher education abroad. Trust 15 years of experience with college applications in Canada and in the UK, Ireland.

Cost : $675


  • 8 video conferencing sessions: the first lasts 1 hour and 7 sessions of 30 min each
  • Developing the student’s profile (questionnaires, interviews…)
  • Proposal of courses and training with description for the country concerned
  • Explanation of the different procedures
    • Applications by institution/university or group of institutions/universities
  • Help with the CV
  • Help with writing cover letters/essays (3 rereadings for each)
  • Unlimited emails between the first interview and the last
  • Help and advice for language tests
  • Delivery of a complete file at the end of the 6th session (minimum 3 weeks before the file delivery deadline) – Sharing with family
  • Tracking the completion of applications for admission during the 7th and 8th sessions
  • The student is responsible for the validation of each application
  • For guidance advice on more than one country, please contact us to rate the best package

For guidance advice on more than one country, please contact us to rate the best package.




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