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Orientation – Discovery Phase Grades 9 and 10


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Orientation – Discovery Phase Grades 9 and 10

DURATION : 3-5 weeks from the first interview

Cost : $540

This discovery phase is an orientation check-up that will allow you to make choices more easily and in accordance with your profile when you are in 12th grade. You will be offered ideas for reflection. It is also an exploration phase that allows you to build your personal project which is the heart of the whole orientation process. You will discover what really interests you and you will have the tools to progress serenely in your journey.


  • 4 interviews of 30-minute each via videoconference: The first one lasts 1 hour and the other 3 X 30 minutes each
    • A family/student meeting of 1hr
    • Two student meetings of 30min each
    • A family interview with comments and discussion on the final report, 30min
  • Developing student profile from the bulletins and the first interview
  • Proposal of courses and training.
  • Help to choose specialties at the end of the second
  • During the 2nd interview: academic, pedagogical advice for France and for potential international courses
  • Help with the CV
  • Unlimited emails between 4 interviews
  • Delivery of a complete file at the end of the contract




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