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OFALycée offers comprehensive, individualized services for the success of all students

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Weekly Homework Support from 6th to 12th Grade

Three 30-minute meetings per week.

Coaches work on the following points:

✓ Follow-up on homework in all subjects (in French / English)

✓ Organization of material

✓ Organization and time-management for the week

✓ Assistance in the planning / execution of projects

✓ Training for oral exams

✓ Support and methodological follow-up: recommendation of different working methods to suit the student’s profile

✓ Weekly report for parents

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Self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-esteem – as well as the recognition of others and the ability to collaborate with them intelligently – have benefits that go beyond the confines of schools. These life skills impact the overall well-being of the students, and ultimately, their present academic achievement and their future professional success.

And you can work at these skills!!!

Personal Development Coaching

Develop better self-knowledge:

✓ Implementation of friendly and constructive tools and techniques to help achieve full potential; connect with the Inner Self and develop uniqueness.

✓ Implementation of a roadmap specifically adapted to the needs of the student.

Determine the project, identify the needs and develop strategies to better meet them, assess strengths and weaknesses, reveal potential, welcome and develop uniqueness, strengthen self-esteem.

Social-Emotional Learning Support (included in tuition)

1) Self-management: effectively manage stress, control impulses, and motivate yourself to set and achieve goals.

2) Responsible decision-making: make constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions based on ethical standards, safety, and social norms.

3) Social awareness: understand the perspectives of others and empathize with them, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

4) Relationship skills: communicate clearly, listen well, cooperate with others, resist inappropriate social pressure, negotiate conflict constructively, and seek and offer help when needed.

Specific consultation (1 hr 30 min or 2 X 45 min):

To answer your questions on all topics related to high school (pedagogy, methodology, programs, choice of specialties, …) and higher education in France and abroad. Help French families access the American system.

Orientation in France (3 packages):

Services last from one term to one year: Whether you are in France or abroad, help and advice are offered in 11th grade (2nd-3rd trimester), or in 12th grade (1st and 2nd trimester) or a follow-up over 1 year from 11th grade to 12th grade.

Discovery phase in 9th and 10th grade:

A “discovery package” helps determine the options available after high school, while advising on the current and coming high school years.

International Orientation (4 packages):

Services from one term to one year: whether you are preparing for the French Baccalaureate or the High School Diploma or both, you will receive the best tips and advice about pursuing higher education in Europe or North America.

Oral preparation and interviews:

A complete preparation course over 4 weeks (1 interview per week). Each one-hour interview includes a mock oral and tips. Preparation in English or French according to the needs.

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Preparation for specific entrance exams at “Grandes Ecoles”, highly selective schools and universities.

Some institutions require specific steps for admissions (interview and/or additional academic tests).

Examples of universities with which we have experience of their specific process:

✓ Cambridge University, UK

✓ Sciences-Po, Reims, France

✓ École Polytechnique, Paris, France

✓ New-York University Tisch School of the Arts, U.S.

✓ Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK

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Preparation for standardized tests including:

✓ TOEFL, Test Of English as a Foreign Language


✓ SAT Subject Tests

✓ AP

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Preparation for French language diploma for non-native speakers:

✓ DELF Level A1 & A2

✓ DELF Level B1 & B2

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Sessions are 45 minutes each:

✓ Mathematics

✓ French

✓ English

✓ Science

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These courses are offered to students who do not follow the complete program from 6th to 12th grade.

Courses offered starting in September 2020. The 12th grade courses will be available in September 2021. Application and enrollment is through TADS.

✓ French (complete course): 6th to 11th

✓ Mathematics (supplemental course): 6th to 12th

✓ Physics/Chemistry (supplemental course): 11th and 12th

✓ Biology/Geology (supplemental course): 11th and 12th

✓ Economics and Social sciences (complete course): 11th and 12th

✓ History/Geography (complete courses): 11th and 12th

✓ Philosophy (complete course): 12th