Following popular demand, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the OFA Summer Vacation Self-Study Program!

Indeed, for many students, the traditional summer break, which constitutes almost 20% of the year, comes just when students’ language progress has started to show – certainly at the same time as fatigue. The need to “not lose everything,” “to maintain” the knowledge learned during the year and to “prepare for the start of the new school year” are very much evident.

For families outside OFALycée, the Summer Self-Study Program also offers a way to get to know the OFA method of French learning based on writing, the pleasure of learning and language exercises. This method is already very popular within the OFALycée community spread across more than 26 states in the United States with 140 families.

The Summer Self-Study Program retains the rigor and demanding content of traditional “cahiers de vacances,” but integrates OFALycée’s innovative online learning methods bringing flexibility, freedom and efficiency, allowing children to study anywhere, at any time. Each week, an OFALycée teacher corrects the written tasks and gives students individual feedback on their work. This is really what makes the difference, the human interaction, which a traditional “cahier de vacances” cannot provide!

The program is open from July 1st. Once registered, your child will have two months to complete the program at his/her own pace.

What Does the Self-Study Program Provide?

  • Revision of the programs for the past year.
  • Preparation for the upcoming school year.
  • Each week/module:
    • Language exercises, based on learning through repetition and play – using self-correction.
    • Reading skills. Comprehension questionnaires allow the student to progress serenely in his/her reading, while strengthening reading skills.
    • Development of writing skills through fun tasks using varied techniques, instilling the habit of writing often and with pleasure.
    • Practice the well-known dictations for which the French system is famous.
    • A certificate of achievement after completing each module.

We are pleased to offer a 25% price reduction to all families already enrolled for the 2022-23 school year.

To purchase the self-study programs:

girl on beach with laptop
Available July 1st – September 9th


$168 per grade
Rising 6th Grade
Rising 7th Grade
Rising 8th Grade
Rising 9th Grade